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With using eFlip Page Publisher, you can not only convert PDF to online flipbook with realist page flipping effect, but
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23 May 2013

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A common practice that has caught up with the masses is that of conversion and conversion of files is necessary for the betterment of information as well as data. For many people converting files becomes their top priority as without it they cannot complete their work on time. Users change their files into different formats so that they can make them compatible with the various software applications that they use. Many people store their information within PDF files for great quality but this ends up being a bit bland for the reader and steals away the fun of actually flipping through a book. So in order to make things interesting, eFlip Page Publisher 1.0.0 can help the user in these kinds of situations.

By allowing eFlip Page Publisher 1.0.0 to do its work, the user can sit back and relax as the results are given to him automatically since most of the work is done by the software application. The converter easily and efficiently converts the boring and stale PDF files into completely new flip books which automatically making the reading experience more interesting. The user can then publish his work over the net or share it with his friends as they enjoy the flipbook which retains the fun of flipping through a real book while reading up about everything. The process of conversion is very fast as the PDF file is converted within seconds into a flipbook while retaining the high quality and increased efficiency. The interface provided with the software application is very easy to handle and understand which makes it lighter for the user to deal with.

By converting the PDF files into flipbooks, it becomes interesting to read through the content and is of high quality which makes the reader want to carry on reading. eFlip Page Publisher 1.0.0 gets a score of 3 out of 5 on account of its rich feature set.

Publisher's description

As a magazine editor, we know that print magazine often spend a lot of print cost, and also not an environmental behavior. If you want to use the magazine to advertise, the result maybe not meets you requirements because this promotion is very passive. Only people purchase your distributed magazine, they can read those advertisements.
To increase the publicity, most of people learn to take advantage of internet. Thanks for the high penetration of Internet, you can easy to share the PDF magazine with people all over the country. But in the same time, we lost the realist reading experience. Since for the PDF format magazine is ebook, the way to read is sliding page.
Is there any way to bring flip page effect on PDF and show book online? The answer is Flippingbook. There are many conversion tools to create flipping book from PDF. But the best solution is eFlip Page Publisher. With using eFlip Page Publisher, you can not only convert PDF to online flipbook with realist page flipping effect, but also enable to convert other format files, such as doc, docx, excel, ppt, rtf. It is a powerful and simple to use software, not require any flash skill. And if you create many flipbooks in eFlip Page Publisher, you can publish all books online and display the book on bookshelf easily and quickly.
eFlip Page Publisher
eFlip Page Publisher
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